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[VIDEO] Croatian Recipes: Pear Strudel

Pear strudel (photo: Fini Recepti)

Pear strudel (photo: Fini Recepti)

The layered pastry with a sweet filling became popular in the 18th century. Although considered Austrian cuisine, the strudel is a popular sweet in Croatia. This pear strudel, or savijača s kruškama in Croatian, recipe uses raisins, almonds, biscuits and of course pears.


Filo pastry
Pears – 1.5 kg
Raisins – 100 g
Almonds – 50 g
Sugar – 120 g
Petit Beurre biscuits (French butter cookies) – 150 g
Vanilla sugar – 20 g
Lemon – 1
Rakija (Fruit brandy) – 100 ml
Butter – 100 g
Icing sugar



1. First put the raisins in a bowl and pour over the rakija and let them soak. Peel and cut the pears and crush up the biscuits and chop the almonds.

2. In a hot pan toast the almonds briefly.

3. Place the cut up pears in a bowl and pour over lemon juice which will help the pears keep their colour. Add the raisins after draining the liquid and also the toasted almonds. Now add sugar, vanilla sugar and mix together.

4. Place out one sheet of filo pastry and brush with melted butter wash. Place another sheet of filo pastry on top and brush with melted butter wash.

5. Sprinkle the crushed biscuits on top of the brushed pastry then along the long end nearest to you spread out half of the pear filling and roll up, tucking under the ends. Repeat the process to make another rolled strudel with the rest of the ingredients.

6. Place the rolled strudels on parchment paper on a tray , brush with melted butter wash and bake on 190°C for 25-30 minutes.

7. Once done let cool, cut and sprinkle icing sugar on top.

Dobar tek!

Check out the video instructions below.

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