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Slavonian Kulen Producers Want EU Geographical Protection

KulenThe famous flavored sausage ‘Kulen’, traditionally produced in the eastern Croatian region of Slavonia, may soon get its own Geographical Protection label…

On Friday the Association of Kulen Producers in Vinkovci submitted a request to the Croatian Ministry of Agriculture asking them to initiate a procedure within the European Union to get the Slavonian kulen the Protected Geographical Indication label. If the status is given to the Slavonian Kulen, which is a flavoured sausage made of minced pork, it will mean that the product carrying the kulen name must be traditionally or at least partially manufactured within the region the Protected Geographical Indication label suggests – in this case Slavonia.

The  Association of Kulen Producers says that they expect to have a decision on their application by the end of the year.

No Croatian Products With European Protection

With just weeks separating Croatia from joining the European Union, RTL television reports that not one Croatian product has been protected on a European level. Some of Croatia’s most recognisable products, such as Paski sir (cheese from the island of Pag), are yet to be protected even in Croatia.

Whilst kulen (flavoured sausage) from the Slovenian region is set to become only the 13th protected product in Croatia, there are concerns that no Croatian products have been protected on a European level and only one application – for prsut (smoked ham) from the Istria region – has been submitted.

After the debacle that surrounded the traditional Croatian dessert wine Prosek, which can no longer be marketed under that name in the EU because of its similarity to the protected Italian sparking wine Prosecco, the question is will other Croatian products be left vulnerable without European protection.

Spanish Mad For Croatian Kulen

Residents in the Spanish city of Seville are going mad for the Croatian delicacy of Kulen, the famous flavoured sausage that is traditionally produced in the Slavonian region of the country says Croatian football international Ivan Rakitic, who has opened a restaurant in Spain.

“I had to put some Croatian speciality in the restaurant. I decided to go for kulen and it has been a hit,” Rakitic told 24sata, before adding.

“I was surprised how many people come to the restaurant just because of the kulen. Guests often ask: ‘Ivan, have you got more kulen in so we can came’,” said the Sevilla FC midfielder who recently opened the restaurant with his pregnant Spanish fiance Raquel Mauri.