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Split Zoo to Shut

TigerThe Dalmatian capital of Split will be left without a zoo after news on Thursday that the Split Zoo would be closing its doors…

Once named on Trip Advisor as one of the worst zoo’s in Europe, Split’s Deputy Mayor Goran Kovačević confirmed today that, because of a lack of sufficient facilities for the animals, the zoo will be closed down. The animals will be transported to homes in Lika in Croatia, Germany and to zoo’s in the EU to be looked after.

Kovačević is optimistic that one day the city will get its zoo back.

“Everything will be done so that area (zoo) will again be one of the favorite place to visit for the citizens of Split, as it was once was in history,” said Kovačević.

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  1. Shut the zoo ASAP. It is an embarrassment to Croatia and to Split. Replace the animals with the administrators and others responsible to keeping the zoo open as they should be locked up instead.

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