Serb Fan Wants Tomic Not Djokovic Signature After Shock Win

Tennis is obviously a different beast than football. The likelihood of a Serbian football fan draping a flag in front of Luka Modric or Joe Simunic looking for them to sign it after their team had just been beaten at Maksimir stadium on 22 March is probably non-existent.

But that was the case in the Australian city of Perth yesterday after Australian-Croat Bernard Tomic had just disposed of Serbian Novak Djokovic 6-4, 6-4, to give Australia a 1-0 lead in the Hopman Cup. During a signing session after the match, Tomic happily signed a Serbian supporters flag, perhaps the Serbian fan was so used to Novak winning that they got confused.

2 comments on “Serb Fan Wants Tomic Not Djokovic Signature After Shock Win

  1. steve says:

    so the murderous rampage that the serbs undertook only 15-20 years ago is already forgotten and their flag under which so many atrocities were committed can be waved at sporting venues across the world?

  2. Mia says:

    Think you need to move on Steve, or you still bitter with Germany, Japan, Genghis Khan too?

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