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Run out of Beer? Not a Problem in Osijek Anymore



You are at home and dying for a cold beer, but when you check the fridge its empty. It is late and the shops have long shut. Now we have a major problem. Well not anymore in the eastern Croatian city of Osijek, where the first all night-delivery service, delivering a range of products from wine, to cigarettes to chocolate direct to your door, has been started by a group of young entrepreneurs…

Those entrepreneurs – Filip Krstanović, Tin Kovačić – Koca, Stjepko Galović – Kandžija, Slaven Tušek – Pips, Igor Dmitrić – Muto and Silvestar Mrak, last week launched Dublin dostava – an all night delivery service, and by initial accounts it is going well. Dublin dostava deliver a host of different products, including wine, beer, juice, vodka, whiskey, gin, chocolate, biscuits, nutella, chips, crackers, nuts and cigarettes.

There is a minimum order of 49 kuna (6.50 euros) for delivery and the prices are competitive with what is in the shops. Dublin dostava start delivery from 6pm to 6am on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and from 6pm to 4am during the rest of the week.

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