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Over €1 Billion More Declared Since Fiscal Cash Registers Became Law in Croatia


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In the first full year under new fiscalisation laws in the country, Croatian restaurateurs, merchants and lawyers have declared 8 billion kuna (over 1 billion EUR) more through the tax system in revenues, up a massive 17.82% than the previous year…

In January 2013 it became law in Croatia for some trading companies to introduce fiscal cash registers, with cafes and bars the main target of the new law, as the government put in measures to crack down on Croatia’s grey economy. Today’s statistics published by the Tax Administration highlights just how big Croatia’s ‘receipt-less’ economy was. Accommodation providers, mainly individuals, and cafe and restaurant owners, declared 2.6 billion kuna (340 million EUR) more than in 2012, a jump of 40%.

Retailers, wholesalers, motor vehicle and motorcycle repairers, traders, and small legal entities last year increased total taxable revenues by 14 percent or 5.2 billion kuna (680 million EUR) compared to 2012. Lawyers also declared more revenue in 2013, with a 4.8% rise on the previous year.

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  1. It might also be a sign of a recovering economy, and more tourists, I guess it has forced bars and coffee shops to declare more the rest could be down to anything.