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First Croatian Edition of Monopoly Release Delayed

The first Croatian edition of Monopoly was due to hit the shelves in July (Monopoly Croatia)

In February this year, it was announced that Croatia would get its very own edition of one of the world’s most iconic board games – Monopoly – in the summer.

Croatia received its first license for the Croatian edition of Monopoly and earlier this year invited the public to send in suggestions for buildings, monuments and cultural icons which they think should make the Croatian version of the popular board game.

The public spoke and all was set for the Croatian edition of Monopoly to hit the shelves this month, but fans will have to be patient as the board is now planned to be unveiled next year.

“We’ve pushed back the launch of Croatia Monopoly due to the economic uncertainty in the country. However we still are planning to go ahead with the edition but planning the launch in Q1 ’18,” the licensees confirmed, citing the unstable situation with Croatia’s largest retailer Agrokor as the main issue.

At the announcement launch in Zagreb earlier this year (Press)

Monopoly is a board game that has been in its current version since 1935. Players move around the game-board buying, trading, or selling properties, developing their properties with houses and hotels, and collecting rent from their opponents, with the goal being to drive them all into bankruptcy, leaving one monopolist in control of the economy.

Since the board game was first commercially sold in the 1930s, it has become a part of popular world culture, having been locally licensed in more than 103 countries and printed in more than thirty-seven languages.

We will keep you posted when the new launch date is announced.

(Photo: Monopoly Croatia)


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