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Croatia Week is one of the world’s leading portals with dedicated current affairs, sports, business, politics, and arts and culture news from Croatia in the English language. Whatever your affinity with Croatia, be it a holiday, a business trip, you live in Croatia or are one of the millions of Croatians that live overseas, our aim at Croatia Week is to keep you connected with Croatia. Based in the Croatian capital Zagreb, our team of journalists and contributors provide a combination of current events and interesting interviews and reviews to give you a unique insight into Croatian life today. Croatia Week currently is read in over 70 countries around the globe and is considered one of the most respected sources for Croatian news in the English language.

Adriatic Oil Drilling – Have Your Say…Only Hours Left

B99pVnmCQAACI-z.jpg largeThe future direction of Croatia, and especially its Adriatic coast, depends on the input of citizens. What could be the last chance to voice an opinion to the Croatian government ends today…

Public consultation for the Strategic Study of likely significant environmental impacts of the Framework Plan and Programme for exploration and production of hydrocarbons in the Adriatic Sea is set to close later today at 23:00 CET.

Having your say is very easy, just submit a comment online before the deadline here. The information will be merged into the official form on the Ministry of Economy website.

Mandarins Become Internet Hit

CroatiaMandarin growers in Croatia are struggling to keep up with demand after a company specialising in connecting food growers with buyers launched a new door-to-door service on the internet…

In just two days since the launch of the Facebook page ‘mandarins direct from the growers to your door for just 3 kuna a kilo’, more than 65,000 potential customers have shown interest. Orders have been flying in left, right and centre say the Medjimurje company Finoteka who are behind the idea.

“When people find out that they can get them straight from the grower to their home they are definitely interested. The second thing is the price is affordable for everyone, and lastly people want to help out the growers,” said Hrvoje Kolman from, adding that some growers have been struggling to keep up with demand.

“I get requests from growers to put them on the site and then get a call half an hour later asking if they can be removed and put back up tomorrow because they simply are not prepared, they don’t have enough boxes or can’t keep up with delivery. I also got a call from one grower who asked to be removed and put back on the site in the morning so he could get some sleep,” said Kolman.

Mandarines are produced in the south of the country, in the Neretva Valley in the Dubrovacko-Neretvanska County, between the cities of Metkovic and Opuzen with around 80,000 tonnes of first class mandarins produced every season.

Tourism Minister Selling Croatia in China

CroatiaCroatia’s Tourism Minister Darko Lorencin has met with China’s leading tour operators in Shanghai on Tuesday during his official visit aimed at attracting investment and tourism to Croatia from Asia…

Lorencin met with airline, media and travel agent officials who present Croatia as a destination in China. Lorencin, who is in the country to advance relations between the two nations, also met with Shanghai’s Deputy Mayor Tu Guangsha and the Director of Foreign Affairs for China Fu Jihong. The interest from the Chinese in Croatia as a destination is growing rapidly and Lorencin hopes to cash in on the fact that the Chinese are all year round travellers and generally avoid the heat of the peak summer.

To coincide with Lorencin’s visit to China, a ‘Sell Croatia’ workshop organised by the Croatian and Slovenia Tourist Boards will be held.  From Shanghai Lorencin will fly to Beijing, where he will visit the international tourism fair COTTM, where Croatia again will be presented.Last year around 43,000 Chinese visited Croatia, growth of 30% from 2012.


Phrase of the Day

You know some basic Croatian, enough to get you by, but there is nothing that will impress more than knowing a local phrase or slang that you can slip into a conversation. Croatia Week has launched its ‘Word / Phrase of the Day’, where we will teach you a variety of words and phrases commonly used in Croatia, but not commonly found in language learning material.

Today’s Phrase:

Croatia Week
Da ga nema trebalo bi ga izmisliti

The phrase “Da ga nema trebalo bi ga izmisliti” is commonly used to describe a person who ceases to amaze, a real character, and literally translates as ‘if he didn’t exist you would have to invent him’.

Examples:Seinfeld and George might be talking about Kramer and say da ga nema trebalo bi ga izmisliti.
Charlie Sheen..da ga nema trebalo bi ga izmisliti.

Recent Phrases
– 14/01/2014 –
nit’ smrdi, nit’ mirise

If you have a candidate for ‘Word / Phrase of the Day’, then submit them to to be published.

Apple iPhone To Be Made In Croatia

Rumors which have been floating around IT circles in Croatia recently that American giants Apple are set to move production of their iPhones and iPads to Croatia have finally been confirmed, reports Bug Online.

Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic and Apple CEO Tim Cook have signed a deal in the early hours of this morning (Croatian time) which will see Apple build a production plant in Croatia. With rising labour costs Apple have been searching for the past 6 months for an alternative location to produce its future iPads and iPhones. Croatia’s cheap labour costs, the fact that it will soon become a member state of the European Union and its geographical location were the main factors in the deal which is set to bring in over 200 million euros a year into the Croatian economy.

Apple CEO Cook said that the ease of doing business in Croatia with the absence of bureaucracy was the key factor in deciding on the new production factory location.

Save $$$ With 1-day Early Bird Ultra Music Festival Tickets Sale

After recently announcing that they will be heading to Croatia and making the picturesque Adriatic nation home for the next 5 years, Organisers of Ultra Europe, the world’s premier electronic music festival, have announced a special 1 day sale on all tickets today (5 December) for the Croatian event.

Ultra Music Festival will be staged from 12-14 July 2013 for Ultra Europe on the island of Hvar at Hotel Amfora Grand Beach Resort and at Poljud Stadium in the port city of Split. The event is expected to attract over 60,000 and those wanting to get in quick can save $$$ by visiting:  today for the early bird tickets.

Performances from all 3 days will be streamed globally through UMF TV and UMF Radio.

Missing Without A Trace

There is concern in the Croatian town of Velika Gorica (Zagreb County), after a 12-year-old boy went missing on Monday.

A search has been put out for Luka Relotic, after he disappeared without a trace near his home. Relotic is 150 centimetres tall, has straight chestnut coloured hair, blue eyes with an oval-shaped face.

Luka was wearing a black jacket with a hood, dark jeans and yellow Timberland shoes at the time of his disappearance. Police are appealing for anybody have has seen someone who fits that description to come forward.

Montenegrin Busted With 15kgs Of Marijuana In Vrgorac

Police from the town of Vrgorac (Split-Dalmatia County) have arrested a 26-year-old Montenegro national with 15.5 kilograms of marijuana on Tuesday.

The police caught the man on Tuesday after stopping him in his Opel at around 11am after they noticed illegal modifications made on his vehicle.

On searching the vehicle they found the marijuana in special box made and lodged between the back seat and boot of the Opel. The marijuana on the market would have been worth close to 100,000 euros. The man remains in custody.

Ex-Croatian Football Federation Head Done For Anti-Gay Remarks

The Supreme Court in Croatia has ruled that former president of the Croatian Football Federation (HNS) Vlatko Markovic discriminated against the gay population when he stated that homosexuals could not play for the Croatian national team because it is a sport for only “healthy” people.

The Court said that Markovic’s statement that homosexuals will not play in the Croatian football team while he was president was offensive and banned him from making similar comments in the future. Markovic was also ordered to make a public apology in the newspaper at his own cost.