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How To Plan A Memorable Holiday In Croatia

By: Jane Robert

Croatia is undoubtedly a beautiful country. It’s strategically located to the North of Montenegro, the East of Italy and Slovenia, the South of Hungary and the West of Serbia. Its people are highly spirited and welcoming to people from other parts of the world. Their culture is diverse and so is their historical heritage. Scouting for photos of Croatia will reveal is beautiful nature, with breath-taking beach sites, amazing mountains, charming cities, and numerous other notable landmarks. The country seems small but it receives thousands of tourists each year from the amazing capital of Zagreb all the way to the most remote incredible fishing villages, Croatia is undoubtedly a great holiday destination.

If you are planning for a vacation, then Croatia is definitely the place to go. Its clear coastline, beautiful apartments and villas and elegant hotels seamlessly blend with its untouched nature to provide a truly unforgettable vacation and holiday experience. Every part of Croatia has something beautiful to offer. While most tourists first flock the Zagreb to browse through the capital and its amazing museums, there are a number of other destinations you ought to eye.


This is a great destination for individuals looking for an escape as well for families looking to have good quality time It is dubbed &lithe Pearl of the Adriatic’ and surely offers an amazing site. It coastline is amazing with the sun and clear water marrying beautifully to offer a breath-taking sight. The white sand and pebble beach makes for a good relaxed evening. The town too has a lot to offer; great hotels, and amazing streets. Generally the town is endowed with a lot of cultural and historical detail to tell and see.




Split is a popular destination site for most tourists visiting Croatia. In fact for most tourists, it is a must-visit destination in most families’ and individual’s travel lists. The place has the best weather that just lets you splurge on your memorable holiday. The great weather gracefully blends with the aromatic surrounding to create a relaxed atmosphere.


Istria has the most popular resorts and hosts throngs of tourists from different parts of the world. Fly to Pula to the North-west to explore the great Istria region. Its cultural diversity is amazing, it has close cultural connections to Northern Italy. It ease of access makes it a popular destination for both central Europeans an Italians. It is endowed with great tourist facilities and infrastructure. The region was apparently spared by the devastation of war, and was in fact still visited by hundreds of visitors at the time of the war.


It wouldn’t pass as a memorable vacation if one does not go to the trendy Hvar islands. With great hotels and amazing boho-chic seafood eateries, medieval car-free town, breath-taking coast line and slow-paced Korcula, the place is a must-go. It has an impressive and lively night life with lots of entertainment and open air music festivals gracing every corner of the streets during the summer. This is a place you will love to love.



Author Bio:
Jane Robert is a Passionate blogger. She works on behalf of Australia Visa she has been writing contents on the web professionally since 2010. As an avid reader and blogger she shares her experience through her articles on Travel, Culture, History, Lifestyle and many more.

‘Blind Dates’ Wins Best Feature at 12th Zagreb Film Festival

blind_datesBlind Dates, by Georgian director Levan Koguashvili, has won the Golden Pram for Best Feature Film at the 12th Zagreb Film Festival (ZFF) on Saturday…

Koguashvili’s film is about Sandro, a forty-something teacher, who still lives with his parents who constantly meddle in his private life. He shows little interest in the blind dates his friend Iva pressures him to go on. On an outing to the Black Sea, he falls in love with a hairdresser, but when her husband is released from jail early, Sandro’s predicament takes on absurd dimensions.

The ZFF Feature Film Jury, composed of producer Čedomir Kolar, film director Konstantin Bojanov and director of photography and filmmaker César Charlone, gave the Golden Pram to Blind Dates because of “its simplicity, originality, reliance on excellent scriptwriting, moving performance by the actors and humanity of all the characters”.

Special Mention for Feature Film went to Difret by Zeresenay Berhane Mehari, and Of Horses And Men by Benedikt Erlingsson. Golden Pram for Best Short Film went to Andrei Creţulescu for his film Kowalski. Best Documentary Film went to Matjaž Ivanišin for Karpotrotter. Special Mention of the jury in the same category went to Tiha K. Gudac for her film Naked Island.

Golden Pram for Best Croatian Film in the Checkers programme went to Sonja Tarokić’s On Shaky Ground. Special Mention went to Tin Žanić for his Manjača. HT Audience Award for Best Feature Film went to Nobody’s Child, directed by Vuk Ršumović.

[VIDEO] TOP 5 Biggest Croatian Summer Hits of All Time

CroatiaLast week RTL television show ‘Croatian Number One’ counted down to the most successful Croatian hit of all time, this week it revealed the ‘most successful summer hit in Croatia’. Summers in Croatia are memorable, so too become tunes which ‘take-off’ during the season. Here are the top 5 most successful of all time:

5. Jinx – Ljeto

4. Dubrovački trubaduri – Marijana

3.  Animatori –  Komarci (Ljeto nam se vratilo)

2. Oliver Dragojević – Galeb i ja

1. Haustor – Moja prva ljubav

First STEREOTIP With Dixon at Zagreb’s Kino Mosor

DixonInternational DJ Dixon will be the main attraction at the first ever STEREOTIP in Zagreb next month…

STEREOTIP is a new electronic music event which is set to held at Kino Mosor on 9 November (17:00 – 02:00). Apart from the Berlin-based Dixon, who last performed in Zagreb six years ago, there will also be performances from exciting local techno, house, tech-house, acid house, deep house, chicago house producers and DJs such as: Peter Dundov, Felver, Omar, Homeboy and Mimi.


The venue – Kino Mosor

Tickets went on sale this week and can be purchased here via Entrio . Early bird tickets cost 50kuna, 80kuna after 27 October and 99kuna at the door on the day.

60 Seconds With…Nina Badrić

nbShe has won multiple Porin Music Awards, Croatia’s version of the Grammy’s, including Song and Album of the Year, has represented Croatia at the Eurovision song contest, and is one of the most recognisable pop stars in Croatia and the region today. Croatia Week caught up with Nina Badrić for the latest edition of ’60 Seconds With…’

When did you first start singing?

I was nine years old. It was in chorus “Zvjezdice” here in Zagreb. That was beautiful experience for me, and first steps on stage.

Who was your favourite singer growing up?

That was for sure in first place Whitney Houston. She was a tremendously good singer. But beside her, I loved, and still do love, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, George Benson etc.

Which concert is your most memorable you have played?

There are a few concerts that I will never forget. My first big concert was in Sarajevo in 2001., and my last big one, actually the biggest concert, was in Sarajevo, in front of 18.000 people. But I’ll always remember my first big concert in my hometown Zagreb, that was 14.02.2005, and so many more concerts all over the Ex Yugoslavia and Europe.

Favourite venue you have sung at?

For sure the favourite venue I sing every year is “Runjiceve veceri” in Split, such a beautiful event. Every year I’m looking forward to it.

Where would you love to sing at?

Oh, there are a lot of places I would love to play at it, such as Parisian Olympia or Albert Hall in London. But we’ll have to wait for it.  : )

Favourite place in Croatia?

For sure, Dubrovnik. I love Dubrovnik. I’m going every year a few times there. Now I have a lot of friends there and I always have good time there with them.

Favourite restaurant in Croatia?

There is a lot of nice restaurants all over the Croatia, in Zagreb I love. And for example in Dubrovnik, last time I discovered a nice place with nice food called “Pantarul”.

How do you relax away from singing?

I have my oasis on the island of Hvar in Croatia, and every free day I spend there. I love the seaside, and then I’m relaxed there.

The beautiful island of Hvar

The beautiful island of Hvar

If you could go anywhere in the world where would you travel to?

Paris is always a good idea. Such as New York. : )

What exciting things do you have coming up?

I’m making some new songs, my new album will be out next year, so I’m concentrated on it.

Nina2What would you be doing if you were not a singer?

Do not know. Thanks God for this gift. I’m one of the luckiest persons, cause I work what I like.

Do you have any advice for any youngsters out there who want to become a singer?

To believe in yourself, and when others say that something is not possible, never give up.

‘Nobody’s Child’ Opens 12th Zagreb Film Festival

CroatiaThe 12th edition of the Zagreb Film Festival has opened in the Croatian capital on Sunday night with the screening of award-winning film Nobody’s Child…

A packed out Kino Europa cinema in Zagreb was treated to the first screening in Croatia of the triple laureate of Venice Critics Week – Nobody’s Child – by Serbian filmmaker Vuk Ršumović. The film is based on the true story about the wild boy from Travnik, Bosnia-Herzegovina who was found in Bosnian mountains in 1988. The film is a Serbian-Croatian co-production. The co-producer is Ankica Jurić Tilić and the original score was composed by Pavo Miholjević and Jure Ferina of Croatian band Svadbas.

Zagreb Film Festival closes on 26 October after screening over 100 films in 12 various programmes. Around 100 directors, actors, producers and filmmakers from across the world have descended on Zagreb for the festival. Check out the full programme here.

[VIDEO] Top 5 Biggest Croatian Music Hits of All Time

CroatiaIn Croatia there have been over 11 million songs recorded up until today, but what have been the biggest hits? Last night RTL television show ‘Croatian Number One’ counted down to the most successful Croatian hit of all time. Here is the top 5:

5. Danijel Popović – “Džuli” (1983)

4. Prljavo kazalište – “Mojoj majci (Ruža hrvatska)” (1988)

3. Ivo Robić & Zdenka Vučković – “Mala djevojčica (Tata kupi mi auto)” (1958)

2. Mišo Kovač – “Proplakat će zora” (1971)

1. Oliver Dragojević – “Cesarica”

One-Stop-Shop for Tickets in Croatia Launches

CroatiaA new ‘one-stop-shop’ for those looking to purchase tickets to tourism attractions and more in Croatia has just launched…

Croatia Tickets® is a new online ticketing service which sells tickets for tourist attractions, museums, national parks, and nature reserves, cultural, entertainment and sporting events, tickets for trips on various carriers including ferries, travel packages, excursions and much more. In addition to the sales service, Croatia Tickets® provides users with interesting and useful information about tourist destinations, thus presenting at the same time an influential promotional channel for Croatian tourist offer.

Croatia Tickets® is owned by long-running daily newspaper Slobodna Dalmacija, who are part of the EPH group.

Unique Croatian Lighting Project Leads Voting in People’s Choice Award

CroatiaA unique project at Uljanik, one of the oldest working shipyards in the world, in Pula, is currently leading voting in The City.People.Light People’s Choice Award…

The Croatian project, which is ahead in the voting for the award which rewards urban lighting projects that rehumanize the urban space through light and exploring ways to maximize sustainability and improve the livability in the city, sees 8 majestic cranes are bathed in LED light programmed for 16,000 different variations in color and intensity, creating a dynamic sculpture in the nightscape of Pula’s seafront. Projects from nations such as Germany, Argentina, New Zealand and Turkey are in the race, but its Uljanik currently out in front.

Croatia Week is happy to put our support behind Pula in this endeavour, and encourage all of our readers to cast their vote in support of Istria’s largest city. You can cast your vote here.

Nescafé’s Croatia Marketing Campaign Grabs Attention

CroatiaProduct marketing has come a long way in the last decade with the take-off of social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter…

Companies are having to think more and more outside the square to grab the attention of would-be customers today due to information overload. One campaign which did manage to grab attention was global coffee brand Nescafé’s recent marketing in Croatia.

Nescafé engaged Drap advertising agency in Croatia, and together they came up with the campaign which saw 1,000 of Nescafé’s iconic red mugs locked along bridges and benches in Croatia’s two largest cities – Zagreb and Split. The mugs, much like the ‘love locking’ padlock trend on bridges around the world, were locked with a bicycle lock which had a 4-digit code. When the public came across a mug, they just had to connect with Nescafé on Facebook to receive the code to unlock the mug. After getting hold of the free mug, they could then take it to the one of many scattered Nescafé stands located around town to get a free cup of coffee and another free mug they could share with a friend.