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Trainee Trader Jobs in Split, Croatia – Apply Here!

CroatiaLooking for a career in trading in the sea-side city of Split in Croatia? Then Global futures trading company Positive Equity want to hear from you…

Positive Equity are looking to hire 10 trainee trader analysts and train them on to their trading desk in Split, Croatia.

“We’re looking for athletes, video game geniuses, poker champs, and other types of people who thrive in competitive pursuits. If anybody thinks they fit any of these descriptions, drop us a line at

More info can be found here

‘Crazy’ Tourism Business Becomes Hit


CroatiaWhat started off as an idea that many said would never work and even labeled ‘crazy’, has turned into a very successful tourism business for one Croatian company. Thanks to their unique red semi-submarines which operate up and down Croatia’s Adriatic coast, Agena Marina from Biograda na moru have just hit their first million…

The company’s semi-submarines have become a hit over the last couple of years on the coast, with the company turning over more than 1 million kuna (130,000 euros) profit last year. Agena Marina have sold 25 of their semi-submarines to nearly all major tourist destinations along the coast from Umag in the north to Dubrovnik in the south. The red semi-submarines may look like a real submarine, only they do not submerge. They have been extremely popular among tourists, especially for families with small children. Passengers can either sit on the deck or in an underwater cabin with large clear glass windows where they have an unforgettable view of the marine flora and fauna. Day tours last 45 minutes, whilst night tours take half an hour.

“When we sell a boat it is important that it goes to a location where it will do well. You could say we choose our customers. One part works like a franchise, but when we sell a boat it does not generate any more money for us, and the owner takes over,” Mladen Pehard from Agena Marina, whose motto is “We are not selling you a boat, but a business” explained to Tportal, adding that each semi-submarine costs 110,000 euros (ex VAT).

Agena Marina plan to sell another 10 boats in Croatia, before trying to break into the overseas market. They have already had requests from exotic locations such as the Caribbean and the Seychelles. (pic:

Kiosks to Sell Inter-City Bus Tickets in Croatia

CroatiaUsually a favourite place to pick up the newspaper, chewing gum, a packet of cigarettes or a drink, but soon customers will be able to purchase inter-city bus tickets from the famous kiosk in Croatia…

The Tisak brand of kiosks in Croatia have recently introduced a range of new services, including facilities to pay household bills, photocopying, cash withdrawals, postal services, car parking tickets, and now inter-city bus tickets. Customers will soon be able to purchase tickets on buses to all cities all over Croatia, reports Tportal.

Tisak, which is the biggest kiosk chain in Croatia and is owned largely by Agrokor (51%), has over 1,300 kiosks in Croatia.

LNG Terminal on Krk to be Complete by 2020

CroatiaCroatia’s Minister of Economy Ivan Vrdoljak confirmed today that the planned LNG terminal on the Adriatic island of Krk has been given priority status by the European Commission and should be complete by 2020 at the latest…

Vrdoljak said the project was not just about Europe’s energy infrastructure, but also security of supply, which is a priority on all lists of projects potentially funded by the European Commission.

“European funds are open for such projects, and Croatia will have to over the next month announce tenders for co-development of the main design, technical solutions and other also other documentation necessary for future funding of the construction of the terminal itself,” said Vrdoljak, adding that planning permission for the location of the terminal was set to be issued.

Vrdoljak expects that around 50%, or 320 million euros, will be funded by the European Commission.

Rollerbladers Helping Zagreb Fast-Food Outlet Beat Traffic Fines

Croatia11A Zagreb fast-food restaurant have come up with a novel idea to be quicker than the competition, whilst eliminating traffic fines in the process…

Wok n’ Walk have introduced delivery girls on roller blades after they became sick and tired of having to pay fines for their scooter drivers. With the delivery drivers on scooters often getting caught in traffic and getting caught by over zealous traffic wardens for driving and parking on pedestrian zones, the restaurant has found a way around it.

“If you are on Tkalči, in the centre or in any pedestrian only zone around the main square and you have ordered food, our dear Anita will delivery it to you, even to the terrace of your favourite cafe or at work,” Wok n’ Walk said on Facebook. (pic: Facebook)

Low-Cost Carrier to be first to Connect Zagreb with Dubai

CroatiaLow-cost carrier flydubai has announced that it will begin flights to Croatia’s capital Zagreb as it expands its Central and Eastern Europe operations…

Starting on 8 December this year, flydubai will start flights from its Dubai base to Zagreb and become the first airline to do so in the process. Business class will be available to passengers on the flight and flydubai will take delivery of 3 new Boeing 737-800s this month to meet the new schedule. The airline, which was established by the government of Dubai in 2008, will also add Sarajevo to its route.

“We remain focused on opening up underserved markets and strengthening air links from Dubai’s aviation hub to the region. The new flights to Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia represent new opportunities for travel, trade and tourism for passengers in both countries and the UAE.” said flydubai’s CEO Ghaith Al Ghaith.

Non Workers Outnumber Workers in Croatia

CroatiaThere are currently 1.53 million people working in Croatia, out of a total of 4.3 million people, with a third of them working in the public sector, according to data released today by the Central Bureau of Statistics…

According to the statistics over the last 3 months, out of the total population of 4.3 million, 3,595,911 people were considered capable of working (over the age of 15), Out of those capable of working 42.4%, or 1.5 million people, were working, whilst 9.8% were registered as unemployed (around 354,000). The rest, 47.8% (1.7 million), were inactive, which included the nations students, university students, pensioners, the sick and those who just are not interested in working.

Around one-third, or 500,000 people, are on the government’s payroll working in the public sector in government departments and institutions around the country.

Why, How and Where to Invest in Croatia? Website Launched to Help Foreigners

CroatiaThe Croatian Chamber of Economy have launched a website dedicated to making foreign investment in the country smoother…

The investment promotion website – - will be a ‘one-stop-shop’ for would-be investors, giving them all the desired information before they decide to invest in the country. The site will also act to promote Croatia as an investment destination and advise investors why, how and where to invest.

Besides providing a catalogue of current investment projects, the site will educate potential investors about relevant regulations and laws in the field of investment and economics, the current economic situation in Croatia, how to start-up business in Croatia and national and local investment incentives and opportunities.

Enjoy Your Summer Fashion! Tina Katanić Loves Croatian Innovation

CroatiaDo you know what TWIGS is? It is a completely new product range on the Croatian market-adhesive breast lifters, adhesive inner thigh protector and nipple covers that allow women to enjoy fashion trends with confidence and allows them to look and feel better in their favorite dresses.

Twigs adhesive thigh protector is the 1st of its kind on the market. This product successfully prevents inner thigh chafing all day long.
Croatia1To help you feel free and comfortable with no visibility of a bra the range includes adhesive breast lifters and nipple covers. This products help with backless and strapless dresses and/or tops.
Tina Katanić that appears in the campaign for 2014 is also convinced. She is the popular model, tv personality and winner of the last season of the show “Singing with the stars”.

” I love simple and innovative solutions such as TWIGS. The products are very comfortable to wear and they really help. Lately I often hear that women have problems during summer while wearing skirts and dresses on their bare legs. It creates the redness caused by friction of the inner thighs. With these adhesive patches you are free to move around in your skirt or dress all day long with no worry in the world” – commented Tina Katanić.

Tina Katanić

Tina Katanić

These products are credited to the domestic duo – Melita Kramar and Tatjana Mihalic.

” No matter of their shape or size, there are issues women go through in their lives and don’t really like to talk about them. Sometimes all is needed is a simple and discreet solution that could end the issues once and for all and help women everyday life ” – the duo commented.

The products are available in drugstores such as DM and BIPA all across Croatia.

Find out more at:

(Photos by Nikola Zoko, styling Alma Premerl Zoko and Profokus make up)

10% More Building Permits Issued in Croatia

CroatiaIn May there were 552 building permits issued in Croatia, which is 26% more than in the same month last year, continuing seven months of consecutive growth in the number of approvals, according to the latest data from the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS)….

In the first five months of this year there have been a total of 2,725 building permits issues 10.1% more than in the same period in 2013. To put the 10% growth in perspective, in 2013 there were 30.2% fewer building permits issued than in the previous year of 2012. In May 92.8%, or 512 permits, were issued for buildings, whilst 7.2% or 40 permits were issued for ‘other types of constructions’. 409 permits were issued for ‘new builds’, whilst 143 were for reconstruction or renovations.