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Calling on All People Named Ivan for Guinness World Record Attempt

Kupres (photo: 1000Ivana.com)

If your name is Ivan and you want to make the Guinness Book of Records then get yourself to the town of Kupres at the end of July.

The Kupres in Zagreb club is inviting all people called Ivan from the area, the diaspora who maybe on holiday at the time around the area and tourists to attend the ‘1000Ivana’ event in the town of Kupres in Bosnia and Herzegovina on the last Sunday in July (30 July).

On the day there will be a Mass held in the morning, before the gathering of all the Ivans and a procession in the afternoon as well as other happenings and food and drink.

A millennium photo, which will be registered with the Guinness Book of Records as the photo with the largest gathering of people with the same name in one place, will be taken at 17:15 on the day.

If you are known by a variation of Ivan, such as Ivica, Iko, Ivo, or Ivek then that is also accepted.

There will be a concert in the evening by Marko Perković Thompson and visitors will also have a chance during the day to learn more about the stunning natural beauty and rich culture and tradition of this Bosnian-Herzegovinian region.

For more details and how to register for the event, you can visit the official website 1000ivana.com.

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