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20 Croatian Counties To Introduce Serbian Cyrillic Signs


Official signs on public institutions as well as street names and squares in the eastern Croatian town of Vukovar are set to become bilingual, with the introduction of Serbian Cyrillic on all signs. The decision has angered many, including the war veteran’s association, but Public Administration Minister Arsen Bauk says the matter is not up for debate.

“The introduction of official bilingualism is not a matter for debate, It is in fact a direct application of our laws,” said Bauk. 34.8 per cent of Vukovar’s population is made up of Serbian nationals.

Bauk says that the government wont just stop with Vukovar and will introduce Serbian Cyrillic signs on public institutions, police stations, post offices, streets and squares in at least 20 other counties where there are Serbian minorities.

The introduction of bilingualism is in accordance with the Constitutional Law on National Minorities, and also the Helsinki Charter, which guarantees the rights of members of minorities to use and display their own language and script, reports Jutarnji list.

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  1. W T F Do we forget all that was done and roll over and play dead or what. They destroyed Vukovar and we repay them like this. FUCK the law we deserve justice in our land and this is not going about it the right way. What about our fallen our brave people stood up to these bullies and this is how we repay them. I SAY NO A MILLION TIMES NO.